We guarantee the quality of the services we perform 12 Month/12,000 Miles warranty period. 

Elliston Repair & Tire is proud to be the only ASE Certified NAPA Care Center in Knox County.

Why does that matter? 


 NAPA was founded in 1925 to meet the United States' growing need for an auto parts distribution system. NAPA has 6,000 stores, with over 400,000 parts in inventory every day. NAPA supplies replacement parts, specialty parts and equipment for the automotive repair, collision, heavy-duty truck, and industrial markets. PLUS  with the NAPA Peace of Mind EasyPay program you are covered at over 13,000 affiliated NAPA AutoCare repair facilities Nation Wide for up to 36 Months/36,000 Miles*. 

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But why does a ASE Certified Technician matter?

In years past, finding a competent auto technician was a matter of chance. Much of the guesswork has been eliminated, thanks to the national program conducted by the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE tests and certifies automotive professionals in all major technical areas of repair and service. With nearly 400,000 currently certified professionals, the ASE program is national in scope and has industry-wide acceptance and recognition. ASE requires technicians to re-test every five years to keep up with technology and to remain certified. All ASE credentials have expiration dates. All Certified Auto Repair Centers employ at least one ASE Certified Technician.

Is your mechanic currently ASE Certified? 


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Elliston Repair & Tire is proud to be your ASE Certified and NAPA CARE CENTER.